Sunday, September 28, 2008

NFS car list so far

Tri city Car lot is the officail website which announces the details and pictures of official need for speed undercover cars as the "hottest cars in the greater Tri-City area". So far 10 cars are featured in the site.
You hva got all kinds of vehivles for all kind of your needs.

1st set of cars for the need for speed undercover

  • '98 Toyota Supra
  • '06 Ford Mustang GT
  • '06 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO
  • '08 BMW M6

2nd set of list of cars for the need for speed undercover
  • '09 Audi S5
  • '07 Nissan GT-R (R35)
  • '08 Lexus IS-F
  • '06 Ford Mustang GT
  • '06 Porsche 911 Turbo
  • '08 Audi R8

Here are the pics.

Need for speed car

Need for speed undercover car

NFS undercover cars

Need for speed undercover

NFS undercover cars

NFS cars

need for speed

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NFS for iPhone

Good news for Need for speed and iPhone lovers. The latest version of NFS is to be released for your iPhone or i Pod touch also. Need for speed undercover iPhone version is currently under development and we can except it to be released by end of this year. The special touch screen interface of iPhone will be utilized in the game and it will optimized for iPhone ersolution. iPhone sensor based controls and a "made for Phone" 3D graphics will be used for this version.

 iNeed for speed undercover iphone
NFS for iPhone

Car list

Rumors are spreading that EA has released an official list of cars for their new Need for Speed Undercover. Whatever it be, the official list of cars for the all new Need for speed undercover will begin to known from next week because EA is going to reveal six cars per week. It will be revealed on an official website called Tri-city car lot. We can except some new cars in a couple of weeks at least.NFS car

Monday, September 15, 2008

Interview with Maggie Q interviewed Maggie Q on Need for Speed Undercover. Check this out

First Gameplay Video

The first gameplay video of the all new need for speed undercover is out. Apparently it is a mobile camera video secretly shot from the games convention. Not so clear to analyze the graphics, but more than enough to admire the game.The video is posted by Gamertell,  a very popular gaming news portal.

Check the first ever gameplay video of need for speed undercover here

New screenshot

A new screen shot of the the new Need for speed undercover car racing game available in Internet. A car is featured inside the glass showroom. Can anyone guess which is it?

New trailer at

Game trailers have released a new trailer of Need for Speed undercover. The one minute six seconds trailer does not include much of the need for speed style racing but it will give you a good idea of the plot of the game. G-mac an ex-cop and the crew boss speaks on his team showing some of racing scenes in between.

Check the trailer of need for speed undercover at here

Need for speed undercover

A screen shot of the trailer from for need for speed undercover.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

About Tri-city

Now we know that the need for speed undercover is set on the fictional Tri-city. And now we know that Tri-city is composed of three cities connected triangularly. Including:
  1. Palm Harbor
  2. Port Crescent
  3. Sunset
Tri-city thus combines all the landscapes required for a good racing game. Need for speed undercover is gonna have all the fun in all the terrains.

Screeenshots of gameplay

Need for speed undercoverVarious site in Internet have released screen shots of the Need for speed undercover game. Here is a set of screen shots I collected from Internet. The graphics and roads look damn real. NFS rocks

nfs undercover
need for speed undercover

need for speed undercover

Trailer - NFS

Need For Speed Undercover Trailer -The offical trailer of the need for speed undercover featuring Maggie Q

Maggie Q Sizzles for NFS undercover

Maggie Q the familiar sex symbol from Live Free or Die Hard and Mission Impossible 3 is cast in Need for Speed Undercover as Federal Agent Chase Lingh who recruits the player into the Tri-city, the city of criminal racers. She appears as the seductive women with interest in player too...
Maggie Q NFS
Maggie Q is impressed by the total graphical and stylish finishing of the game. “I’ve always been a fan of racing games and working on Need for Speed Undercover was an amazing experience,” she stated. She is also waiting for the release of final game being a fan of Need for Speed too.

We too is waiting for your sizzling performance....Maggie Q

Monday, September 8, 2008

Plot of the Game

Need for Speed Undercover:
Although plot of the game is not much known, the story is not much different from earlier versions of Game and movies like Fast and Furious. Need for Speed undercover will be based on the story of a police officer going undercover into a group of criminal racers. The plot is set in a fictional city named Tri-city. Player is the police officer and his only contact to the police team is Chase Linh who arranges the drama. Chase Linh is played by Maggie Q, the international movie Star.
Need for speed undercover
The plot and gameplay style of Need for Speed Undercover is also inspired by movies like Transporter.

We do not know much about the police chases and all. But it is sure to include helicopters(which I love) as confirmed by EA.

Need for Speed Undercover - History

NFS undercover
Need for Speed: Undercover is the 12th version of the popular racing game published by Electronic Arts. Need for Speed is the most popular racing game ever in the history.

The previous version of the game was NFS ProStreet which was not successful in market. I uninstalled it on the third day after installation. Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello commented that Need For Speed Pro-Street is just an ok game, but nothing good.....He also added that Undercover will bring new innovations in gameplay which he did not reveal. I'm eagerly waiting to recieve a version packed with new modes of game play. I love all the exciting game modes from NFS underground and carbon.

President of EA Games Label, John Doyle stated "Due to the fact that Need for Speed ProStreet did not live up to EA's expectations, the basic strategey behind development of NFS undercover will go back to the earlier versions of Need for Speed like NFS Most wanted and Carbon.

Undercover will have a sandbox style gameplay adopted from NFS Most wanted and will be featuring a brand new Game mechanic.

NFS undercover on november 18th

need for speed undercover

NFS undercover is due release on November 18th. The not so successful predecessor, Need for Speed Pro Street is there for the version from this date. So everyone has something to talk about...

Need for Speed UNDERCOVER

Undercover is the latest edition of the famous Need for Speed series of car racin games. It is due release on November 18th 2008. This blog is created to track the details of this game including release issues, cheats, news and all possible information on the great NFS underground. See you soon....