Sunday, October 18, 2009

Modified BMW 135i

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nissan Electric Car for middle class family

Yes Nissan is now coming with the electric car which can be affordable by the middle class family as well. This is small but enough space for 5 adults car. This car have Have lithium-ion battery which can be used for the range of more than 160km (100 miles).

160 km is good enough if you are living in urban and your ups and down only in urban city. This one is not only affordable but also have zero emission which makes it more demanding and attractive.

People who love their environment and also have low budget than this car is perfectly for you. That means this car is going to be popular in whole world.

Key characteristics of the this affordable car include:
1) Zero-emission hence environment friendly
2) Middle class family can also afford to buy this car
3) Attractive design
4) You can easily travel to 160 km

There is no doubt that this affordable car will bring revolution to the world of car industry.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photo and Wallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Photo and Wallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo SpyderPhoto and Wallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo SpyderPhoto and Wallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo SpyderPhoto and Wallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo SpyderPhoto and Wallpaper Lamborghini Gallardo SpyderTwo years after the launch of the Coupe version of the Gallardo, Automobili Lamborghini is presenting the new Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This latest addition brings the marque’s range of supercars to four models.

The dimensions of the Gallardo, combined with its competitive performance targets, ensure the car has an athletic compactness. The long wheelbase complemented by short overhangs dynamise its appearance. The Gallardo Spyder features typical and unique mono-volume proportions, which integrate the Lamborghini design attributes of purism, athleticism and sharpness.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Affordable Sports Car by Nissan

Sports car is the dream of every car lover. He just want to have one car which can talk with the air with light push of accelerator. Now Nissan is coming up with the affordable sports car known as 370Z PUTS.

This car specially made in Yellow colour but also available in other colour such as blue and metallic. Yellow certainly gives this car a new look and new charm. 19 inch RAYS forged alloys wheel give more grip on road.

Other features of this awesome and new car from Nissan is
  • 0 - 60 mph is mere 5.3 seconds (just blink your eyes twice and you reach at the speed of 60 mph through this car)
  • 6 Gears
  • Limited volume available for yellow colour
  • Forged alloys, race car cues, black leather and suede interior
  • Now price that is around £33,050 only