Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Small Cars from Nissan

Every automotive companies are launching new small cars to get the market share. Some of these new small cars are compact and with all the facilities and some new small cars take one step ahead and coming with the latest designs and transparent view as well.

Nissan is also coming with such format and in the car you will get awesome flexibility with the help of which in this new small cars you can adjust the seat for luggage and all.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cheap Small Car - Now from Peugeot

Yes now small things are in demand and this demand touched to cheap small car. Almost every auto mobile company is busy in making cheap small car to get more and more clients under their nets.

These small cars are cheap, give good mileage and there is no worry of garage and other things as they need very small place.

Now under this cheap small car, Peugeot also come with their named clear designed by Alan Kravchenko. Generally this small car will run with the help of elctric motor and powered by hydrogen and oxygen cylinder. Certainly these cheap small cars are for the future.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Luxurious and Sports Car with electricty

We have seen so many hybrid and electric car with normal speed but now we will be able to see sports and luxurious car in the electric segment as well. Tesla Motor have confirmed that all orders from 2008 fulfilled and now they are accepting orders for new luxurious car.

This new luxurious and sports car will reach 60 mph within 5 - 7 seconds. So if you guys want to have new luxurious car with sports touch than you should be ready.

Designer : TeslaMotors


Friday, May 8, 2009

New Luxury Car - Dacia Shift

If you are the fond of new luxury car or want to drive sports car than I think you should look at the new Dacia Shift. With the seating capability of two persons this car is simply awesome. There is transparent removable roof as well. So if you want to see sky from this new luxury car than you do not have to remove the roof. But if you want to feel the wind than yes you can remove roof from this luxurious car.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Eco Friendly Car - Renault EO

I am sure in this condition of environment you need eco friendly car which can be light on your pocket and also good for this planet. Renault is presenting such eco friendly car - E0. Here E0 represent emission zero.

First thing which you will notice in this eco friendly car is their design. Unique kind of structure makes it more and more attractive. Have the seating capacity of four people.

As per the fuel is concerned - two ways used in this eco friendly car one is electric charging mechanism and second is an electric combustion piles fueled by liquid hydrogen.

Eco Friendly Car Renault E0
Photo 2 - Eco Friendly Car Renault E0

Photo 3 - Eco Friendly Car Renault E0
Photo 4 - Eco Friendly Car Renault E0
Photo 5 - Eco Friendly Car Renault E0
Photo 6 - Eco Friendly Car Renault E0
Photo 7 - Eco Friendly Car Renault E0